About Me

Football Season


Hi football fans my name is Louise Holt, I am a football fan myself and I eat, sleep and breath football. Ever since I was little I have always wanted to play in the FIFA World Cup. However, due to physical impairment I am not able to physically participate in actually game. In high school I join our varsity team. Even though I wasn’t able to play in the games I was atleast able to help out with the team on planning.

I was able to be some help. Football is a team game and it is only possible to win with a team. Everyone plays a role in the game and my main contribution to the team is to always be on the lookout for a weakness in our opponent’s team play.

With much experience I started this Blog all about Football. I hope I can share some really good insight on how you can always find a weak link in any team. Heck even my own team have one. However, we as a team try our best to cover each other’s weakness and still play the game.